4-7 Oct 2021

Sustainable & Eco Tourism

5 TAKEAWAYS | Australia and a sustainable tourism future

Wildlife conservancy, education and conservation of our natural environments, and importantly, understanding of and respect for a thriving culture, both Indigenous and contemporary, and the economic impact of tourism on regional economies and communities. As we plan for a post-COVID world, connection with this sort of positive impact has heightened appeal and value. We speak to Tourism Australia’s Head of Sustainability, Penny Rafferty on the increasing importance synergy between sustainability and culture.

Sustainable experiences for the conscious traveller

For the Australian tourism board, responsible tourism is high up on their agenda, having become an integral part of business decisions and planning. Meaningful stays, sustainable dining and preserving Aboriginal culture – discover sustainable Australian experiences, for the conscious traveller.

Why Australian luxury travellers are turning to Indigenous tourism

Luxury travel operators are used to targeting a mix of international and domestic travellers, but with borders closed many are having to focus on local audiences for now. One positive story Australian tourism can tell is the rich history and culture of our Indigenous peoples.

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