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19-22 November 2024
ICC Sydney

Thought Leaders Forum

The inaugural Thought Leaders Forum is where the future of luxury travel unfolds before your eyes.

As we gather industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries, we aim to explore the transformative trends reshaping the world of elite travel. This year’s program kicks off the event, with insightful presentations and dynamic panel discussions that will illuminate the path forward for luxury travel providers and advisors alike.


Keynote Presentation: Travel Trends and Forecasts

We begin our journey with a keynote presentation that will set the stage by discussing the latest travel trends and forecasts. Gain valuable insights into the factors driving change in the luxury travel industry and understand how to navigate the evolving landscape to stay ahead of the curve.

Redefining Luxury: Sustainability and the Next Generation of Elite Travellers

As we stand on the brink of a monumental wealth transfer, the landscape of luxury travel is set to transform dramatically. The emerging generation of affluent travellers is not only wealthier but also more climate and community conscientious, seeking profound and meaningful sustainability practices in their travel experiences. This panel discussion will delve into how savvy luxury travel providers can innovate and adapt to meet these evolving expectations, ensuring that sustainability becomes the cornerstone of luxury travel.

Travel Extremes: The Next Frontier of Luxury Adventures

In a world where the boundaries of luxury travel are continuously expanding, we find ourselves at a crossroads between the ultimate adventure and the allure of simplicity. As high-net-worth individuals seek more meaningful, adventurous, and unique experiences, luxury travel is being redefined at both ends of the spectrum. While technology advances drive some to the stars and space, the pandemic has also given ‘Slow Travel’ greater momentum, returning to simpler luxuries. This panel will delve into these travel extremes and how the luxury travel industry is adapting to meet these evolving desires.

Please note that the program is subject to change, and is exclusive to Luxperience 2024 attendees only.

Should you have any questions about the Thought Leaders Forum, or have a story to tell in these topic areas, please reach out to our marketing team at

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