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Aug 8, 2020 Industry News

Transformational Travel with Jake Haupert

Co-Founder of the Transformational Travel Council, Jake Haupert is proud to be shaping the transformational travel (r)evolution and the emergent transformation economy. Find out more about his panel discussion at Luxperience Virtual 2020, and upcoming publication.

Jake Haupert is proud to be shaping the transformational travel (r)evolution and the emergent transformation economy as an entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator, and consultant. He is guiding, supporting, and empowering connections and growth through travel by unifying transformational destinations, practitioners, and travelers in a global forum, for the betterment of all.

Jake and his global team of advisors are consulting and training destinations, travel companies, and hoteliers in positioning their brands, customer-journeys, experiences, staff, and communities to meet this nascent demand.

Transformational Travel Council (TTC)

Transformational travel (TT) is more than just a feeling or a moment. It is more than that flush of happiness and wonder that comes from a special experience and connection. The TTC defines it as ‘Transformational travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.’. 

When we leave home and set out on our own, there are often 5 ways to travel with an eye toward transformation of self and society …

  • Be Intentional and Conscious

  • Go Slow and Fully Engage

  • Travel Ethically, Empathetically, Equitably, and Ecologically

  • Welcome Physical and Emotional Challenges

  • Take Time for Reflection and Meaning-Making

The TTC recommends bringing these 5 elements together to radically increase the likelihood of a life-changing journey. The TTC provide Travel Coaching, The Transformational Travel Journal, TTC-Verified Travel Designers, accessible methods, practices, tools, and resources for travelers looking to cultivate connection, meaning, and transformation.

The Transformational Travel Journal

Jake and his team are excited to announce the launch of  ‘The Transformational Travel Journal’  which has been written in collaboration with The Transformational Travel Council. A unique journal described as ‘Your guide to creating a life-changing journey’:

“Any journal is an adventure unto itself: Rich with opportunity and fraught with obstacles, its pages stare at you, ready for you to leave your mark. It can take on an infinite number of shapes and sizes, and it is completely unique to you. Used with courage and vulnerability, a journal can help you embrace the full spectrum of human emotion. It is a personal tale of discovery and disappointment, adventure and exploration, trials and transformations. And, like your adventure, this Journal may save its greatest gifts for your return. So be bold. Overcome the obstacles in your path. Slay your dragons. And collect your prize.”

The journal is set to be launched on UN World Tourism Day on the 26th of September. You can reserve your copy of the Journal here.

Luxperience Education session

Jake Haupert will be joined by fellow travel industry experts to discuss the following topic:

Travelling Better: The increasingly important role luxury travel has as a driver for change

Philanthropic tourism is not a new concept, but with so much negative talk about over–tourism and the exploitation of local cultures even before the pandemic struck, more luxury travellers will be thinking about how to spend their dollars compassionately, and to use their privilege to become dynamically involved in global projects in a hands-on way. This session explores how HNWI travel can be a significant sustaining force for eco and social endeavours and shares insights from organisations who are transforming the travel experience and harnessing tourism dollars for the greater good of climate and communities.

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