13-16 Oct 2020

Some good news

Mar 23, 2020 Industry News

It’s the small glimmer of brightness amongst the coronavirus pandemic.

The snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas are visible from Punjab in India for the first time in 30 years. Lazy lions sprawl on the sun-warmed asphalt of roads through the Kruger National Park. With no cars and no people, the black bears of Yosemite are enjoying their own private natural paradise. And in the Welsh holiday town of Llandudno a herd of long-horned Great Orme goats have taken over the empty streets.

In the face of an unprecedented worldwide lockdown, nature has quickly bounced back. All around the world, the air is cleaner and clearer as pollution levels drop. The murky canals of Venice are running clear (though, sadly, the dolphin sightings were a hoax). We are able to see many parts of the world in a way we never have before and perhaps appreciate their beauty anew.

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