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Experience the natural world at its untouched best

It is time for your clients to discover the private island sanctuary they've always dreamed of! Welcome to Banwa.

Banwa Private Island is a natural haven waiting for your clients to explore! Located in Northeastern Palawan in the Sulu Sea, Banwa’s six hectares of lush, verdant landscaping and pristine white sand beaches provide a perfect environment for nature to thrive. This island provides sanctuary for an incredibly rich and diverse number of flora and fauna species. Banwa’s sought-after exclusivity is enhanced by the marine protected area it sits within, and its marine life and supporting ecosystem is thriving as a result.

The Island

When you visit Banwa, you can be assured of the ultimate in privacy and tranquility. Here, a relaxed and informal luxury combines with exquisite personalised service to provide the private island sanctuary the most discerning of travellers have always dreamt of.

Villas: Banwa’s villas have been designed to immerse you in the natural beauty of the island. Floor to ceiling windows bring the outside in, whilst the pool salas, beach and garden terraces create pure luxury of space. With privacy and tranquility embedded as the guiding principles for their locations, each of the six villas are set amidst lush, verdant landscaping to either side, whilst the infinity pools appear to melt into the uninterrupted ocean views.

Image © Banwa Private Island

Dining: The island social hub, Latitude Restaurant– is the place to dine and relax together with your family and friends. Their chefs will prepare food totally tailored to your specific tastes and desires in Latitude’s open kitchen. It’s your island, your menu. What’s more, there are numerous experiential dining locations set amidst the island’s landscape, so whatever the occasion, Banwa can promise the perfect setting.

Island activities

Clients looking for something more than relaxing by the pool? Banwa has more than enough island activities to keep them occupied throughout their stay, whatever their leisurely interests, here is just a taste of what’s on offer…

Water sports & Diving: Banwa and its surrounding areas provide infinite opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. Scuba, snorkel, sail or swim, there’s exceptional experiences to be enjoyed at every level. Tubbataha Reef, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s top 10 dive sites is accessible for a day trip, whilst longer stop-overs can also be arranged for serious divers looking to optimise their time and take in some night dives in this richly-populated marine environment.

Golf: Beautifully located in the heart of the island is our 9-hole short game golf course. Great fun for a par 3 competition with your guests, or equally rewarding to while away the hours perfecting your pitches and polishing your putts. Either way, for pure tranquility and relaxation, it’s hard to beat.

Hiking: Recognised as the Philippines’ final ecological frontier, Palawan is an incredible region for those who enjoy exploring seldom-seen vistas on foot. The hiking is varied and infinite, and trails can be recommended to suit guests’ specific areas of interest and fitness levels. It’s an ornithologist’s dream – many species seen here are impossible to spot anywhere else in the world.

A natural backdrop

Have your clients been cooped up all year? It’s time to get back to nature, and there is no better place than Banwa’s incredible natural environments, enhanced by the marine protected area it sits within.

Image © Banwa Private Island

Marine Life: Home to the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle, the Dugong (Sea Cow) and numerous other rare and endangered species, Banwa’s marine environment is thriving.

Located in the heart of a Marine Protected Area encompassing 1,896 hectares, Banwa has seen a huge rise in populations of once threatened species. Black Tip Reef Sharks are an especially welcome returning inhabitant of the island’s shallows, and the annual numbers of successful nest sites shows an extremely positive upward trend for the Hawksbill Turtle.

Bird Life: Banwa’s lush, tropical island landscape provides exceptional habitat for numerous species of birds – some of them extremely rare and seldom-seen. A gentle stroll around the island will be punctuated by the distinctive calls of the resident White Collared Kingfishers, whilst the grace of the Reef Egrets in flight never fails to stop you in your tracks. And as night falls, don’t be surprised if you spy an inquisitive Mantanani Scops Owl observing you from a nearby Tamarind tree.

Island landscape: Banwa is located in Northeast Palawan, a still relatively undiscovered archipelago, but one of the most biodiverse in existence. Hundreds of avian and mammal residents and thousands of more plant groups are native, and the waters here form a key part of the Coral Triangle, which is home to six of the world’s seven sea turtle species and more than 2,000 different reef fish species.

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