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Visit Portugal

Discover Portugal and enjoy the good life in every way. Just let yourself go and savour all the things the country has to offer – a mild climate and plenty of sunshine all year-round, the different landscapes, the ancient culture, the World Heritage sites, the traditional arts and crafts, and the aromas and tastes of Portuguese cuisine, to name but a few.

Lisbon and Porto are two very attractive cities that can be a starting point to travel around the country. Lisbon is bathed by the Tagus river and Porto by the Douro river, a fact that gives them a unique character and special environment. They are hospitable places with their historic neighbourhoods and streets with tiled façades. Get to know them by day or enjoy on a night out. Along with fine examples of modern architecture and urban art, the cities have a really diverse and creative cultural agenda.

Exploring Portugal by bike or walking is a great way to find those nooks and crannies that otherwise you would never get to know. Around city streets, crossing fields or strolling along the beach, walking tours can follow a set route or simply enable you to go wherever the whim takes you, just for the pleasure of walking along and observing whatever comes your way.

Following the trails by bike is a unique experience. You can take it at your own pace, sensing the aromas and sounds that might otherwise pass unnoticed. Whether you choose the sea at your side, to go up and down mountains, or to meander through the towns and villages, the options are endless.

For sea and sport lovers, the Portuguese Atlantic coastline is surprising. The environmental quality of the beaches is worth mentioning and there are many different surf spots close to each other, suitable for beginners or pros. The tubular wave of Peniche is perfect for surfing and bodyboarding, the giant waves of Nazaré present a great challenge for the most fearless surfers, and Ericeira is a World Surfing Reserve, the first in Europe and the second in the world. In the Algarve region, a relaxing round of golf in an exclusive resort close to the sea or sailing along the shore discovering golden sandy beaches that alternate with little coves sheltered by rocks will complete your holidays in perfection.

Known for their hospitality and the pleasure they take in welcoming people to the table, the Portuguese like to present their best dishes, share their specialties, and highlight the talent of the chefs that seek to produce authentic cuisine and emphasise the quality of the local products. Olive oil, bread, fish, wine, vegetables, herbs and fresh seasonal fruits are the main ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet that Portugal shares with the Mediterranean Basin countries.

An ancient country, with the oldest established frontiers in Europe, brimming with history and traditions connected to wine, Portugal boasts the world’s oldest demarcated wine region – the Douro, dating back to the 18th-century. It is the place where the well-known Port Wine is produced and where a high number of native grape varieties is grown, resulting in unique wines full of personality. From smooth, crisp whites to full-bodied reds, the variety of wines produced is as vast as the country’s ever-changing topography and landscapes.

Whatever luxury experience you’re seeking, Portugal is every visitor’s dream.

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