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Rome – The timeless city

Revitalisation of an eternal beauty through its cultural sites, historical residences and precious terraces.

Magical, contradictory, beautiful and haughty: Rome is among the most multifaceted and talked about cities of the world, to the point that describing it in a completely new way is almost impossible.

The city escapes any defining label, and the moment we seem to have it figured out, Rome has already changed its appearance.

For centuries Rome has been an endless source of inspiration for all, including artists and prominent figures from all over the world. Perhaps it’s because each time you set foot in it time and time again you have the impression of being at home as well as being there for the first time.

Eternal, this is how the city of Rome is known throughout the world – because it is impossible to determine where Rome starts and finishes, in the timeline. It’s a seductive, almost arrogant city that presents a swaggering collection of treasures – a spectacle of shapes and colours that forever alters our concept of discovery.

Experience this fascinating city in a new, inspired, intelligent and respectful way. Sustainable tourism for the city and its people, maintains its historic sites: not by hiding them to the public, but rather by revealing them to visitors who can appreciate the soul of the city in its streets, from its terraces, within its churches, on the market stalls or within its boutiques.

Some unforgettable highlights

Domus Aurea

Strongly desired by the controversial Emperor Nero after the fire in Rome in 64 AD, the Domus Aurea owes its name to lavishly decorated, luscious gardens, vineyards and even an artificial lake located between the Palatine and Opium Hill, within the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum. Following the death of Nero, the Palace was unfortunately looted and destroyed to erase his memory, but today we can still imagine how majestic it once was thanks to modern reality devices.

Diocletian Thermal Baths

The beating heart of social life and a favourite hobby for the Romans, the baths were built for well-being but were also a powerful propaganda tool for politicians. The immense baths of Diocletian, dating back to the fourth century AD are probably the best preserved and the largest ever built in Rome and one of the most famous and loved sites in Europe. Today they house part of the National Roman Museum and boast more than 400 works of art among statues, reliefs, altars and sarcophagi.

Ara Pacis Museum

A magnificent example of fusion between ancient and contemporary, the museum space of the Ara Pacis was designed by the American architect Richard Meier with the purpose to protect and enhance the beauty of the Altar of Augustan Peace. The altar, created around 9 B.C. to celebrate the Emperor’s victories in Gaul and Spain, is just one of the wonders kept in the Museum that hosts, among other things, interesting temporary exhibitions on the ground floor and events in the Auditorium.

St. Angel’s Castle

Formerly an Imperial Mausoleum, then Papal fortress and prison, today it is a National Museum that houses a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, military items and medieval weapons. All this is completed by a terrace that offers a spectacular view of Rome and the famous “Passetto di Borgo”, a well-known walkway 800 meters long connecting Castel Sant’Angelo to the Vatican Palaces.

Sistine Chapel

Inside the Vatican Museums, amidst the splendid frescoes, precious tapestries and statues, a treasure trove stands out above all the others: the iconic Sistine Chapel. Commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV of the Oak and then his nephew Julius II, the Chapel is a true and just jubilation of colossal biblical figures that seem to come to life from the pages of the Sacred Scriptures, the work of excellent artists such as Perugino, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and the supreme Michelangelo, creator of two of the world’s most famous masterpieces: The Last Judgment and The Creation of Adam.

Borghese Gallery

In the middle of the lush and monumental Villa Borghese, rises the opulent and baroque Galleria Borghese – among the most amazing museums of the Eternal City. The Gallery showcases endless treasures of inestimable value with some of the highest expressions of Renaissance art in Italy: The Rape of Proserpine and the Apollo and Daphne by Bernini, the proud statue of Pauline Bonaparte by Canova, the David with the head of Goliath by the painter Caravaggio, not to mention the countless works of art by the genius of Raphael, Titian, Rubens and many others.

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