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Exclusive insights from Event Director Michelle Papas

Apr 30, 2019 LuxNews

Event Director Michelle Papas recently returned from a trip to the UK and Europe, meeting with industry leaders and identifying key opportunities. She now shares these exclusive insights with our Luxperience community.

Michelle travelled to the UK and Europe to meet with invitees to the global buyer program and to also attend the Traveller Made Essence of Luxury conference in Marbella.

During her time, she learned that interest is driven by a strong desire to enhance Australian product within premium travel itineraries and find new experiences. She also found that interest in experiential and niche product from Australia far exceeded any other preferences. The main markets which expressed interest were the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

“A number of key initiatives have been implemented to ensure meaningful connections between our attendees this year. These have already allowed us the achievement of over 50% of our targeted buyers from Europe,” says Papas.

“North America is another major market for Luxperience and in 2019 we are expecting a significant presence from premium travel specialists affiliated to the major luxury travel brands in the USA. We are currently working with agencies such as Signature, Brownell, Cadence and Frosch to identify their highest yielding agents and invite these to Luxperience. We are pleased to announce that 60% of our targeted attendees are already onboard.”

“The message is clear; our global buyers are coming to Luxperience for Australian luxury experiences and have real business for local suppliers who meet the needs of their clientele.”

If you would like to receive more of Michelle’s exclusive insights gleaned from her recent journey, please get in touch via email: mpapas@divcom.net.au

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