4-7 Oct 2021


Luxperience 2021 Event Update

Jun 30, 2021 LuxNews

There is no doubt that the travel industry has been one of the most severely hit sectors of this pandemic. The challenges ahead remain as we continue to navigate the unknown together. After extensive conversations with various stakeholders, exhibitors and buyers, Luxperience 2021 will not take place as its traditional hosted buyer format. Instead, we will curate […]

Skyward experiences to take clients to new heights

From heli-skiing to hot air ballooning, these are the ultimate luxury experiences in the skies above Australia and New Zealand your HNWI clients will be eager to try on their travels.

10 hidden luxury retreats to avoid the crowds

In the coming months your clients may be looking for a private getaway, somewhere to avoid crowds and escape from hectic city life. Here are 10 luxury hidden gems to add to their lists.

Experience the natural world at its untouched best

It is time for your clients to discover the private island sanctuary they’ve always dreamed of! Welcome to Banwa.

Find luxury, authenticity and the Good Life, in Greece

Elite Estates likes to do things their own unique way, operating all over Greece and especially on the cosmopolitan Mykonos. Discover what Elite Estates can do for you and your clients.

5 TAKEAWAYS | Australia and a sustainable tourism future

Wildlife conservancy, education and conservation of our natural environments, and importantly, understanding of and respect for a thriving culture, both Indigenous and contemporary, and the economic impact of tourism on regional economies and communities. As we plan for a post-COVID world, connection with this sort of positive impact has heightened appeal and value. We speak to Tourism Australia’s Head of Sustainability, Penny Rafferty on the increasing importance synergy between sustainability and culture.

5 TAKEAWAYS | Flying with Covid: How the aviation industry is adapting to keep travellers flying high

Oct 15, 2020 Industry News

The aviation sector was one of the first to be hit by border closures, yet the allure of ‘travel bubbles’ continues to give the entire industry – and prospective travellers hope. How are airlines adapting to keeping the skies and international trading routes open?

5 TAKEAWAYS | Travelling Better: The increasingly important role luxury travel has as a driver for change

Oct 15, 2020 Industry News

Philanthropic tourism is not a new concept, but with so much negative talk about over–tourism and the exploitation of local cultures even before the pandemic struck, more luxury travellers will be thinking about how to spend their dollars compassionately, and to use their privilege to become dynamically involved in global projects in a hands-on way. But how can HNWI travel be a significant sustaining force for eco and social endeavors?

5 TAKEAWAYS | The Power of Paradise

Think of tropical islands, and you instantly conjure up images of secluded paradises – and maybe a coconut. Traditionally a popular destination for HNWI travellers, buoyed by their inherent isolated locations and exclusive high-end experiences, islands are poised to be one of the first luxury travel sectors to bounce back.

5 TAKEAWAYS | Beyond 2020: Creating the future of Luxury Travel

Oct 14, 2020 Industry News

So much that has happened in 2020 has been imposed on us. But whilst there will continue to be things that we can’t control, we can make and change our future. As part of our Luxperience 2020 we heard from renowned travel futurist Carolyn Childs of MyTravelResearch.com as she delved into her trends treasure chest to identify the trends and opportunities for the future of luxury travel beyond 2020.

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