4-7 Oct 2021

Dream Now Travel Later

Apr 15, 2020 Industry News

In just a few short weeks the world has become all but unrecognisable. Borders are closed. Streets are quiet. Iconic landmarks from Times Square to the Taj Mahal stand empty.

Only a few planes are making their way across the skies. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis and global shutdown has been felt across all industries, but we in travel have had to do some serious soul searching. It is hard to know how to keep going or what will be waiting for us on the other side.

So, in the midst of all this uncertainty, we want to bring you this piece of good news – travel is still important. And, even though we can’t jet off today, there is still the space to dream.

As we settle in to this extended period of isolation, travellers will be eager to start planning their next journeys. Tom Marchant, founder of luxury travel planning firm Black Tomato, told Harper’s Bazaar “wanderlust in all its forms is going to be the fast pass to finding our way back to the world again, and back to the people—from the family-owned restaurant chefs to the drivers, hotel concierges, locals, and guides—who make travel so worthwhile”.

That means it’s time for connection, inspiration and innovation.

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