12-15 Oct 2020
ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour


(Coronavirus) COVID-19: Information regarding LUX 2020

We understand the concern you may have around the potential impact COVID-19, we believe however that it is important that Luxperience continues to support the industry but we do take the matter of COVID-19 and the protection of our communities very seriously. In a fluid and rapidly changing situation we are following the directions of Australian Department of Health and the World Health Organisation and have initiated a series of special measures to help protect businesses and people coming together. Should however we reach the point where postponement becomes unavoidable, we would offer to credit any deposits towards Luxperience 2021, and if that proves unsatisfactory, contact our team to discuss further.

We believe in the importance of supporting the travel industry by bringing buyers and sellers together and keeping trade and commerce alive especially in turbulent times.

We are currently reviewing the implications of COVID-19 and we will work on providing updates and make sure all registered delegates are fully informed of any future decisions.

We thank you for your participation and continued support for Luxperience and look forward to seeing you 12-15 October, 2020.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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