When is a traveller not a tourist?

Monday 14 May 2018

To create the ideal experience for a traveller, agents and providers need to understand who they are. A recent report from global travel tech company Amadeus, Future Traveller Tribers 2030, has analysed the behaviour of travellers across the globe and grouped them into six ‘tribes’: Simplicity Searchers, Social Capital Seekers, Reward Hunters, Obligation Meeters, Ethical Travellers and Cultural Purists. Each of these unique groups has its own set of desires, challenges and needs, and together offer a new understanding of the modern travel landscape.


This month, Luxperience is diving deeper into the Cultural Pursists. This tribe uses their travel as an opportunity to immerse themselves in an unfamiliar culture, looking to break themselves entirely from their home lives and engage sincerely with a different way of living.


Primarily, the Cultural Purist doesn’t see themselves as a ‘tourist’. They want to break away from the standard package-tour experiences on offer, discover new things, meet the locals and appreciate how they really live. They want their holidays to be entirely different from their home life, and are happy to push the boundaries and operate well outside of their comfort zone.

Cultural Purists won’t rely on traditional information sources, like guidebooks or TripAdvisor. Instead, they will want first hand knowledge from experienced travellers, agents or local guides who can guarantee them an authentic experience. They may even take inspiration from non-travel related sources, like movies, books, historical figures or fashion, meaning that travel providers need to have cross-cultural and cross-genre knowledge of their offerings.


This group of cultural purists tend to be impulsive and spontaneous, preferring to live – and travel – in the moment rather than make plans and pre-book. The challenge for travel providers and agents is to meet this type of demand, remain flexible and allow their client to make changes on the run. One of the keys to achieving this lies in technology – apps or digital connectivity allow for real time updates, rolling changes and freedom.


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Posted in 'Lux Trends ' on Monday 14 May 2018