The appeal of the ephemeral

Thursday 23 Feb 2017


Nadia Tuma, senior vice president and director of McCann Truth Central (a global thought leadership and research unit), believes rarity uniquely captures the concept of modern luxury. “While classic values like heritage, craftsmanship and price are still important indicators of luxury, these elements didn’t quite get to the core of conveying a truly modern definition to us. In order to capture the heart of the modern, yet timeless, definition of luxury, we hone in on one concept: rarity. We believe rarity is at the core of luxury, particularly as an age of overabundance invades our daily lives.”


In our The State of Luxury Travel research project with, this ephemeral luxury was identified as one of the key mega trends for travel in 2017. Pop up hotels create a unique experience that a traditional property can’t replicate. Guests feel like they have been part of a special moment in time that isn’t available to everyone.


This is an excellent example of a trend that the luxury sector shares with the broader economy. Pop up luxury hotels enable a unique experience at, for example, music festivals. They are able to add an additional high-end element to an experience, creating exclusivity within the mainstream.

Posted in 'Lux Trends ' on Thursday 23 Feb 2017