Individualisation, not brands, will make the hotel of the future

Thursday 23 Feb 2017


The power of the brand is not what it once was and in the future hotels will need to deepen their relationships with their guests in order to stay relevant.


So what does this new relationship look like? Firstly, it means stepping outside of the traditional brand restrictions. Hotels are localised but brands are globalised and in the past individual properties have not been able to tap into their individual strengths. The hotel of the future will integrate the two cultures and merge global brands with local communities.


These modern hotels will stop thinking of themselves as strictly bricks and mortar operations. They will become integrators, bringing together different networks of people and building personal connections with and between guests. This is particularly important for guests who are looking to have a meaningful and authentic interaction while on the road.


According to the recent Hotel of the Future report from Deloitte, this posits the hotel as a ‘neighbour’ within the community. Brands can be adaptable to their local environment and pass this experience on to their guests. Individual hotels can decide how they choose to leverage their core capabilities to serve a wider community that includes both their guests and their neighbourhood. In terms of guest experience, this equates to authentic (not generic) spaces inspired by local aesthetics, providing products and services specific to the location and being an active participant in local culture.

Posted in 'Lux Trends ' on Thursday 23 Feb 2017