Chimu Adventures goes to the ends of the earth

Tuesday 19 Jun 2018

Titled ‘In the Wake of Mawson’, the cruise will take passengers to Commonwealth Bay, 2,700 kilometres south of Hobart and an 11-day sail across the Roaring Forties of the wild Southern Ocean. Commonwealth Bay holds an important place in Australian Antarctic history as it is where the legendary explorer built Mawson’s Huts in 1911-1913. The huts are still standing and just 300 people have visited them in the past six years. More people have reached the summit of Mount Everest than have set foot inside these historic buildings.


The cruise will also visit Macquarie Island, the French Antarctic Research Base of Dumont D’urville, New Zealand’s Sub Antarctic territory of Campbell Island, the Auckland Islands and the Snares. These islands are home to huge colonies of penguins, sea lions, albatross and nesting seabirds not found anywhere else on earth.


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