Why travel providers must tap into culture

Monday 18 Jun 2018

According to the Future Traveller Tribes 2030 report from Amadeus, the Cultural Purist is one of six key groups of travellers identified, each with their own specific wants and needs. “Cultural Purists use traveling as an opportunity to immerse into an unfamiliar culture, looking to break themselves entirely from their home lives and engage with a different way of living,” the report says. These travellers also rarely plan ahead, preferring instead to pick a destination and make their decisions on the run. They will travel off the beaten track, leave their comfort zone and be open to inspiration from all directions.


The opportunity for travel providers is to create a product that connects these travellers – and others – with cultural experiences in a genuine and authentic way. Cultural Purists will be wary of any offerings that seem fake, forced or created purely for the benefit of tourists. Travel providers will be able to use their relationships within the community to create experiences that go beyond what a traveller could coordinate themselves. A provider that will stand out to this kind of traveller offers something no one else can and taps into the local culture in a unique way.


It’s also essential to understand that the Cultural Purist doesn’t see price as the primary indicator of luxury. They would prefer to eat at an excellent but cheap street market favoured by locals that receive five-star treatment at an over-hyped restaurant.


Because of their impulsive and experimental travelling style, both agents and providers need to be able to respond quickly to requests and ensure an element of flexibility. Technology (like apps or online chat portals) is essential to an offering, ensuring that the traveller can stay in touch.


PC: Tourism Australia

Posted in 'What's New' on Monday 18 Jun 2018