When boutique is best

Monday 14 May 2018

A decade ago, many in the industry dismissed the idea of boutique hotels as a fad, something that would ultimately crumble in the face of ‘Big Hotel’. In reality, just the opposite has happened and boutique is booming. Frances Kiradjian, founder and CEO of the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association, believes both hotel operators and boutique-loving guests should feel optimistic for the future. Not only is this sector growing, many of these properties are leading the way in terms of style, tech and service.


Boutique hotels are…innovative
Larger hotels or established major brands are often restricted by their very size. Boutique hotels are able to think outside the box and create something different for the guest looking for a unique experience. Their innovative design features create a welcoming ambience that is firmly rooted in the locale.


Boutique hotels are…tech savvy “A quintessential element of being “boutique” is the promise of a personalised, attentive hotel stay for visitors. Today, that means a need to facilitate guest experiences on and off the property,” says Kiradjian. Their small size means greater freedom and agility, giving boutique hotels the opportunity to adapt quickly to their clients’ changing needs. Technology is key to that personalisation, be it apps, in-room gadgets or other tools that connect the consumer and the hotel.


Boutique hotels are…social
Boutique hotels were one of the pioneers of the use of social media influencers, embracing the new medium to attract guests. Some have even created ‘Instagrammable’ décor or spaces designed specifically to be snapped and hashtagged. They often favour these influencers over traditional reviewers or media, helping them tap into a new market.


Boutique hotels are…trailblazers
Being small and flexible means boutique hotels can take chances where larger hotels cannot. That means they are usually the first to set up shop in an emerging destination, pushing the boundaries of the traditional luxury locale.


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