Significant investment and new developments for #lux2018

Tuesday 24 Apr 2018

It’s always been the most luxurious way to travel and right now private jet travel is booming. An expanding demographic, increased restrictions on commercial travel and more companies offering the service are driving the trend, which shows no sign of slowing down.
Private jet travel has typically been the domain of the Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI). And while the number of UHNWIs around Australasia alone is predicted to increase by 70% in coming years, the good news for private jet charters is that other demographics are also realising their appeal. 
Mark Briffa, chief executive of global aviation company Air Partner, told The Telegraph “The new breed of charter customers are far younger than the typical jet owner, just as likely to be male or female, are after a personalised service, and seeking something exclusive and unique,” he said. 
Airline security has increased exponentially in recent years, and often travelling through a commercial airport (even in first class) can be a frustrating exercise. Private jets allow elite customers to bypass traditional security measures by flying from private airports, allowing them to travel to a tighter schedule, reducing delays and ensuring a luxurious atmosphere door to door. Clive Jackson, founder and CEO of private jet service Victor, understand the appeal for high-end clients – “they want access, they want immediacy, they want to be in control”.
Australia is relatively new to the private jet market, but new offerings are introducing this style of travel to an eager local audience. Adagold Luxe launched in 2017, specialising in ‘jet-centric travel experiences’ that combine luxury, convenience, prestige and comfort. For a truly indulgent experience, operators like Adagold Luxe can partner with companies like Northrop & Johnson to combine private jet travel with superyacht charter, creating an exclusive itinerary with seamless transfers.


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