Monday 30 Oct 2017

We were thrilled to welcome our largest ever China delegation to Luxperience 2017. The Chinese luxury market is set to change the way the world travels and our high-end buyers, including expert Yin Yu from Ready Set Go China, are industry leaders.


There were also plenty of new learnings about the Chinese market at Luxperience 2017, with a dedicated panel at the Thought Leaders Forum.


Rick Xie from Xanadu revealed how the Chinese traveller has changed in the past decade – previously, they would stay in average hotels in the suburbs and want to go shopping. Now, they are looking for absolute luxury accommodation in the city centre and want to seek out Michelin-star dining and unique experiences. Yin Yu also highlighted the incredible marketing power of Chinese social media apps like WeChat, with influencers using them to sell things like luxury cars to their followers in a matter of minutes. WeChat is the most powerful social media marketing channel in Chinese language, with 900+million active users.


Ready Set Go China, an Australian-based company that connects local businesses with the powerful Chinese market, is set to capitalise on the incredible power of WeChat with a new social media channel – WOW Travel. It will focus on providing quality content on high-end and experiential travel products and experiences in Australia and beyond to a core target audience of luxury travel agents in China, private membership-based associations targeting HNW and UHNW clients in China, and the affluent Chinese community based out of Australia. 

Posted in 'Partners & Exhibitors' on Monday 30 Oct 2017